The Pi Lab is a research laboratory that supports the inquiry of mathematics teaching and learning. Launched in 2006, “Pi” was chosen as a name for the laboratory not only because it is a mathematical symbol but also because it stands for “Promoting Inquiry” which is the focus of our work – that is, promoting inquiry, or research, in mathematics education and promoting inquiry in mathematics classrooms.

The Pi Lab supports the collection and analysis of video data as students and teachers engage in mathematical inquiry and teacher inquire into their own teaching.

The Pi Lab infrastructure is supported through grants from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and partnerships with Apple Canada and OM Video.


The Pi Lab consists of two rooms, one for the analysis of data from classrooms and focus groups, and the other for the collection of focus group data and the collaboration of researchers. The lab includes state of the art digital recording equipment and video editing software, a range of computers, and other technical/computer resources for the use of Pi Group members.

The data analysis room consists of six workstations, each equipped with high-end technology to facilitate the storage and analysis of video data.

The focus group interview room provides an environment for teachers and researchers to meet, to collect video data of teachers’ collaborative work, and to collectively design and discuss research projects.