Below is a list of links of interest for math educators and researchers. However, this list is just a beginning – a tip of the iceberg in possibilities. For a few other links specific to courses taught by members of the Pi Lab, visit the various course resource lists found on the Pi Lab site.

University of Ottawa Faculty of Education:


Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators:
Canadian Mathematical Society:
Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group:
International Commission on Mathematical Instruction:
International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education:
Mathematical Association of America:
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:
Ontario Association for Mathematics Education:
School Science and Mathematics Association:


Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics & Technology Education:
Educational Studies in Mathematics:…..
For the Learning of Mathematics:
International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning:
Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching:
Journal of Mathematical Behavior:
Journal of Research in Mathematics Education:
Mathematical Thinking and Learning:
Mathematics Teacher:
Mathematics Teaching:
Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School:
Online Journal of School Mathematics:
Teaching Children Mathematics:

Other Centres or Sites

Education Quality and Accountability Office:
Ontario Curriculum Documents:
Ontario Ministry of Education:
Fields Insitute Mathematics Education Forum: