Suhong Pak


Project Manager – Curriculum Implementation in Intermediate Mathematics. Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa

Research Interests
Mathematics education in intermediate grades

Current Projects
Curriculum Implementation in Intermediate Mathematics (CIIM)
Project Manager
This research is in the area of curriculum implementation and teacher development in mathematics education. The PI Group at the Faculty of Education is undertaking a three-year research project that examines the implementation of the Ontario mathematics curriculum in Grades 7-10. This research, supported by the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE), will provide important information about the teaching and learning of mathematics in Grades 7-10, the supports that have helped teachers with the implementation and the ways that they can be further supported.

Background Information
I recently graduated from the Teacher Education program here at the University of Ottawa. In the summer of 2005, I had the pleasure of working with Chris and Barbara as one of the Math Camp facilitators. This was a fun and learning experience. After working as an occasional teacher mainly in the intermediate grades, I joined the PI Lab team as the Project Manager of the CIIM research project. Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked many years as an Electrical Engineer. I enjoy an active lifestyle, and over the last ten years I have shared my love of outdoors with young people through various volunteer roles (e.g. high school outdoor education program, coaching cross-country skiing to elementary school aged children…). It was these experiences that sparked my interest in becoming a teacher.