Curriculum Implementation in Intermediate Mathematics (CIIM)


Lead Researchers:
Christine Suurtamm,
Barbara Graves

Consulting Researcher:
Geoff Roulet, Queen’s University

Project Manager: Suhong Pak

Research Assistants – University of Ottawa:
Emily Addison, Ann Arden, Nicola Benton, Arlene Corrigan, Adrian Jones, Martha Koch, Jennifer Hall

Research Assistants – Queen’s University: Stephen Khan, Jill Lazarus,
Kate Mackrell

Funded by: Council of Ontario Directors of Education, Ministry of Education

The Ontario Ministry of Education introduced a revised curriculum in mathematics for Grades 1–10 in Fall 2005. This revised curriculum is an inquiry-oriented approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics. Although much research has been done to examine particular aspects of curriculum implementation and student achievement, there has been no comprehensive research to examine how this curriculum is being implemented in classrooms across the province. This research addresses the following research questions:

  • How is this curriculum understood and enacted  in Grade 7-10 classrooms across the province?
  • What has helped to support the implementation of this curriculum?
  • What does the enactment of this curriculum actually look like in classrooms?

The research design is multi-faceted researchand includes questionnaires, interviews and case studies.

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