Graduate Research Opportunities

The Pi Research Lab offers a number of opportunities for graduate studies in the field of mathematics education. The lab promotes a positive, collaborative, and engaging research atmosphere and includes state-of-the-art technical resources and work space. The Pi Group meets regularly to discuss our research projects and is focused on building a community of mutual inquiry. Each graduate student in the lab plays an important role in sharing the planning and coordinating of the research as well as presenting findings.
Currently, there is substantial funding guarantees for research-focused graduate students within the Faculty of Education. Please contact the graduate student office for more information. Generally, there are opportunities for mathematics education teaching or research assistant positions for graduate students associated with the lab – these are not guaranteed but are based on funding.

If you are interested in pursuing graduate work in mathematics education associated with the Pi Lab, first look at the information provided on this site including the pages on our major research projects and our researchers – both professors and graduate students.

Then, if you are still interested, contact either Prof. Christine Suurtamm ( or Prof. Barbara Graves ( and we would be pleased to respond to your queries.

We are open to students pursuing research relating to our major research projects as well as students suggesting other math education-related thesis proposals.

Post-doctoral queries are also welcomed.